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Ada Wong

Resident Evil 6

Wig: EpicCosplay Chronos in Black

Contacts: Blincon BB Orange

Necklace: Beads and Pendant are hand sculpted from Polymer Clay and braided on faux suede chord

Shirt: A HEAVILY altered mens dress shirt. The buttons were also changed out

Gloves: Yet another original pattern! Made from Yaya Han 4 way stretch vinyl- they reach up all the way to the armpit so no skin shows with movement just like in game.

Belt: A simple black leather belt, all pouches were hand made out of vinyl backed by craft foam, they attach with belt loops.

Pants: Heavily tailored thrifted black stretch vinyl pants.

Boots: A Pair of stiletto boots altered with additional vinyl sewn for heights and stiffness.

Harness/Holster: Original pattern made out of multiple layers of webbing and vinyl.

Crossbow: Made from mixed media, with a mostly foam body and shoulder rest. However, there is wood for the support bars and plexiglass heated and bent to the shape for the arms. The string is elastic cord. Tense enough to hold shape but low tensile enough to pass through con weapons check no issue.

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