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Kingdom Hearts

Wig: Base by KasouWigs, then Styled with Hand Dyed Roots

Sewing: The top was a low quality pre existing aqua top that I cut up and used the pattern to make a new one. It was altered to be a fully boned corset complete with zipper backing and also corset lace up for adjustability.

Skirt panels were original patterns and the the drapery was hand draped before being hand sewn together for an accurate and lightweight look. The arms are the same material and are cinched with elastic to hold their shape on the arm.

Boots: The boots were thrifted and then I made boots covers out of Yaya Han 4 way stretch vinyl in black for the body of the boot, and silver for the heel and eva foam armor.

Props and armor: All of it was assembled, rigged, bodyshopped, painted, and detailed by me with an accurate color pallet and different mediums. (Fun Fact: The Keyblade is chromed and also color shift so it has a blue and violet flash!) 3D models by faithlessfew

Contacts: Geo Animation CP-A4

Click HERE to see the blog post talking about the finishing process of the armor and props, as well as the FREE complete paint guides for Aqua & Terra!

Featured Photo by Mike Tuffley

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