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Wig: Arda Westley in Spanish Brown

Makeup: For the forehead tattoo, I used Azure Paradise Makeup, sealed with Ben Nye Final Seal

Necklaces: The Large Pearl-esque pendant is hand sculpted out of pearly polymer clay. The other two necklace are beaded and woven and made adjustable by Sandra Younger.

Top: A simple white tank top

Hoodie: The hoodie is an original pattern made out of a nice soft gray sweatshirt fabric that was cut out then the body pieces (including bottom ribbed trim) were dyed orange and the tops of the sleeve pieces were dip dyed before assembly. The ribbed cuffs on the sleeves were strained with an airbrush and acrylics.

Belt: The belt itself is a brown leather belt I already owned with  a pouch and spray can holster hand sewn out of matching vinyl and the orange tube is a painted toy lightsaber connector! ahah! The timer orb is a plastic ball painted to look like so with craft foam detail and a metal hook.

Shorts: Just simple blue denim shorts I owned.

Socks: A pair of slightly off white knee socks

Boots: a pair I already owned

Spray Can: an old empty spray can I made sure all air and paint was out of, decommissioned it, and hand painted all the detail.

Tube & Scroll: The back tube is a thick barboard tube I made straps for and attached hardware to make it wearable. The scroll is a lot of meticulous research by screenshotting the game to design it and hand cut it all out to make it look like a stencil then I distressed with with spray paint and and laminated it to keep it safe.

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