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Lara Croft

Tomb Raider (2013)


Wig: No wig! Just used my hair at the time.

SFX Makeup: The Makeup is a a mixture of different Ben Nye paints as well as eyeshadows. The Blood is Ben Nye Coagulated Blood Gel. The makeup was applied with a stippling sponge and my hands to get the proper effect. Every inch of it was then sealed with Ben Nye Final Seal.

Axe: The axe is three layers of Elmer's Foam Core Board and a lot of detailed painting to get it to look as beat up and realistic as possible. The Handle wrap is masking tape painted to look like dirtied grip tape.

Shirts: These are two generic tank tops That I cut up and used alcohol inks to distress and get the right grimey colors. the "Blood" and dry brushed mixtures of red acrylic.

Bandages: The Bandages are medical tape I put on and dirtied with makeup the day of to get a cohesive look. The great thing about medical tape is that it doesn't move or slip throughout the day.

Necklace: The necklace is hand sculpted out of polymer clay with a small metal bar across where the chord attaches for durability. The Pendant it adjustable in length thanks to Sandra Younger.

Pants: The cargo pants were a lucky thrift store find altered to fit that were distressed and dyed with alcohol inks just like the top and the legs wraps around the ankles are strips of fabric distressed the same way and tied.

Boots: The Boots are a pair of ankle height hiking boots I wore around daily to get a look of wear to them.

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