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Lunafreya Nox Flueret

Final Fantasy XV (Leviathan Scene Gown)


Wig: Arda Venus in Ash Blonde

Contacts: Geo Animation CP-A4

Accessories: The wig is in a twisted updo ponytail with a large butterfly-like hair clamp that was sculpted over for detail and painted silver to match the rest of the accessories. the rest are pearl and rhinestone hair pins helping to decorate and keep the wig secure.

Dress: The Dress was an Aliexpress dress that was deconstructed and heavily altered for fit!

Trident: The trident is completely hand made using Polystyrene (Rigid Pink Insulation board), 10mm EVA foam, and craft foam for detail. Paperclay was used for a lot of smoothing and building of surfaces and the intricate filigree that decorates all of the silver of the trident is done freehand with 3D paint. The pattern along the long pole of the staff is individually cut ribbon clued into the pattern to provide detail, it was all resin covered to keep texture and protect it.

The shoes were already owned, as was the necklace, but the shoes are generic white heels from Payless.

Photo by EurobeatKasumiEBK

Photo by AcePhotograpiya

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