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Angela Ziegler

Overwatch (Punk, Original Design)


Photos by Courtex.Studios


Halo: The Halo is a headband with cut slurpee straws glued to it, the base where all the connection points was wrapped with gold wire for a clean look. Everything was then spray painted gold and rhinestones were added to the base.

Wig: EpicCosplay Chronos and Ponytail Clip. The Ponytail was double wefted for volume, all in Natural Blonde.

Top: Thrifted then altered to fit

Lab Coat: I bought a lab coat then altered it to fit precisely how I wanted it to. All of the studs are googly eyes spray painted gold and individually glued down. The Chain is the same chain used on the bat, plastic chain from a home improvement store spray painted gold. The Patches are also all original designs based off her voice lines in both english and her native language and imagery in game. They are hand painted and embroidered separately then sewn to the lab coat. 

Pants & Tights: The Pants are from an old Attack on Titan cosplay that I repurposed by roughing them up. The tights are worn underneath for that aesthetic look.

Boots: They are the same altered boots from my Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong cosplay

Bat: The bat is a plastic bat I picked up from  a thrift store then used white lacquer. The gold chain is the same as used on the coat (see above), the arms are made out of double layered craft foam with a rod sandwiched between to keep the shape. The end lights up with a brilliant LED through dyed plexiglass.

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