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Witch of the Wilds

Overwatch Halloween Terror Event (Mercy Skin)

Wings: The wings are an original pattern made completely out of 10mm EVA foam and craft foam for details. It is all mounted to a PVC pipe base that is held up by tension to my back with the corset top. (I do not recommend, the lower back tension was extremely painful after a day of wear.)

Staff: The staff is a 1 inch pvc pipe base with an outrageous amount of Pink Insulation foam boards/Polystyrene rings that were glued together around it to give it thickness and give me a thick base to carve out a branch like shape and texture with structure. The entire thing is Polystyrene except for the broom end being a massive amount of craft foam wrapped and glued for shape and the details are also craft foam. The head of the staff is also LED! Wired by me, it glows a lovely golden yellow through dyed plexiglass. This also breaks down seamlessly into 3 parts for transport.

Book: The book is an old gardening dictionary I glued the edges of the papers together then hollowed out by hand then lined with fabric to create a secret little compartment to hold my necessities in! I made the book cover out of the same vinyls I used for my costume and more craft foam and puff paint for details with acrylic paint for aging. It has a snap closure where it canonically closes and attaches to the matching vinyl belt with a large ring loop.

Soul: The little soul shown in  many of my mercy cosplays is made from a coil of battery powered fairy lights. The "flame" is then dyed page protectors I cut into strips the heated to curl and warp before attaching them into what you see.

Hat: Pure craft foam base with an original pattern, covered in Yaya Han 4 way stretch pleather. The accessories were more 4 way stretch vinyl wrapped craft foam attached with contact cement and studs.

Wig: EpicCosplay Chronos in Natural Blonde

Contacts: Geo Animation CP-A4

Bolero & Shawl: This is also an original pattern with color blocked designs of the ghoul faces sewn into the spandex. I chose spandex for how beautifully it drapes as this also served as a cover up for the harness connection to the corset. The Shawl is a heavy woven fabric that was pleated, the connecting brooch is hand sculpted out of polymer clay.

Earrings: Hand sculpted from Polymer Clay

Bodice: This was a color blocked corset! Made entirely out of textured woven fabrics with a light stretch to get a cartoony fit. No patterns were used, it was purely draped and tailored from prior knowledge of corset building. The front is also mounted to a padded bra to aid in a very defined silhouette. The front decorations are made from craft foam!

Skirts: The base skit is bade from heavy vinyl that was aged with dye and paints. the Yellow accent skirt was made similarly but out of spandex for as nice drape, it was airbrushed for it's gradient.

Shorts: Just a simple pair of wetlook black shorts!

Stockings: These stockings are made from spandex with a method similar to boot covers. They were then sewn and mounted onto a pair of dance tights to stay up, the accessories are more craft foam with the two large top accents on each leg being vinyl wrapped.

Shoes: The shoes are made from EVA foam mounted onto a pair of ankle boots that were sanded to give a seamless look and an incredibly cartoony curl. They were then covered in a spandex boot cover and all accessories like buckles and the tongue are vinyl covered layered craft foam for color blocking and mounted with contact cement. The spikes on the underside of the curl are mounted the same way as vinyl covered foam spikes but they have a metal pin running into the foam of the curl for durability.

Gloves: The gloves are an original pattern sewn from 4 way stretch spandex and the distressed black spandex attachments hand sewn on.

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