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Celty Sturluson



Helmet: The helmet is made entirely from scratch! I patterned it myself meticulously and cut it out of thick EVA foam mats, it was then covered in paper clay and sanded down. The ears are craft foam details and has a panel in the back that is attached with elastic to allow it to slide on and off. The visor is a thin, pliable plastic with limousine grade window tint on it so it can only be seen out of, it has a velcro end so I can open it for better airflow when not taking photos.

Bodysuit: The Leg Avenue Catsuit strikes again with the same alterations, this this has AWFUL proportional sizing so it was completely deconstructed and redone so fit like a glove.

Boots: Platform Ankle Boots

Gloves: Women's Black Leather Gloves

Scythe: The Scythe handle is made from PVC pipe, heated into the iconc angluar bend it has, but the first major bend has a PVC couplet attached to it so that it can break down in tow parts for easier transport. The blade is made from eva foam covered in paper clay with a LOT of sanding done to it to get the right shape. It was attached with a ton of support material (wood slabs) and more foam and gorilla glue cut to look like the smokey shapes it has. 


Fun Fact: My scythe blade is signed by the English voice actor of the show's main character "Mikado," Darrel Guilbeau!

Photo by Mike Tuffley

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