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Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Wig: This is a heavily cut and styled wig from Amazon! It comes very shiny so a fabric softener bath & dry shampoo spray were in order! I was practicing the crimping technique on this wig to hone my skills!

Costume: For this quick casual look I pulled together, I am just wearing a simple blouse from my renfaire stash and a cute dress I already owned! Pulled together with white dress socks and some maryjane heels!

Jewelry: I'm wearing this super cute triforce necklace in gold! I 3D printed her Zonai Lotus Earrings but it was a learning process when it came to 3D printed earrings for me and I had a few problems so I will be revamping them and then trying again, but they did the job!

Ears: There is so much going on around my ears in the costume (Wig sitting on them, Large and Heavy Earrings- oh AND I wear glasses), I opted to just wear easy removable ones so I could easily give my ears a break!

Contacts: I can't recall where I got these lenses from, but they are strikingly similar to Kazzue Legacy Violet Lens.

Makeup: Tutorial Coming soon!

Game Accurate Costume Coming Soon

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