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Agent of Asgard

Wig: No wig needed, this is just my hair! I had been dying it black for some time then and thought it was a great opportunity!

Costume: The Coat is a snow coat that was a gift from when I lived in the snow for a bit! The rest are items that I had on hand! The top is by Guess and the Pants are a pair of leggings from Amazon.

Shoes: I used my everyday boots, a pair of Mollys from Doc Martens, and swapped the laces out for Green Ribbons and a set of gold buttons from JoAnns on them!

Makeup: Mostly ColourPop Products!

Contacts: I don't recall where I got these, I apologize! But I went for a more yellow-leaning green color because I feel like they translated better on camera with my very dark eyes.

Props: The files I used for my horns are from DynamoReplicas on Etsy that I printed and finished. The daggers were resin printed by RoninCosplay!


All images by Beardoir Photography

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