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DMC V (Original Design)


Photos by EurobeatKasumiEBK

Editing by Aicosu


Wig: I restyled and hacked up a Basic Black Rooted Teal wig into a sleek style with a shifted part.

Horns: The Horns are a foil base covered in paper clay that was hand sculpted to look organic, it was then painted black and dry brushed with a colorshift paint for the iconic color changing effect Griffon has.

Makeup: ColourPop's Potted Gel liner in "Venus" & "Swerve," the beautiful matching teal and red I have smeared all over my face and neck is also by Colourpop, but I believe it is sadly from the discontinued loose pigment Zodiac collection. The Contacts are Sweety Sky Yellow from LensVillage.

Jacket: The Jacket is one I owned that was falling apart so I chopped it up, hand did all the studs and spikes you see, then sponged on teal fabric paint to the vinyl to give it a grunge look that matched the theme before applying all the feathers. The back crude lettering is done with Angelus Leather Paint in White

Shirt & Pants: A lovely pair of lace up suede leggings I owned previously that I thought were fitting! Also bonus that I just owned a matching lace up crop top as well! The crap on my wrist was meant to match the tattered lining of jacket and is a scrap of burgundy Silk.

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