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Final Fantasy X-2 (Gunner)


Wig: EpicCosplay "Chronos" in Medium Brown

Top: Stretch knit trimmed with white and peach lace. 3D printed chest emblem for stability was strung with cotton chord and laced over the neck and through the top. The Hood is made from a cute peachy printed fabric that is attached to the white top.

Sash: Hand Dyed Gradient with RIT Dyemore in Sapphire, layered for fly effect

Accessories: The Belt and arm bands are made from the same yellowed leather. The pouch is functional!

Guns: Assembly, finishing work, detailing, and paint job by me! kit by Faithless few.

Shown with my Yuna in this picture are FaithlessFew and StonedSepta modeling the costumes I made. Paine's sewing, wig work, prop making, and finishing work are by myself. Jecht's wig, sewing, and paint work, are also by myself!

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