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Dragon Age 2, Romanced


Costume Rehaul & Photos Coming Soon!

Wig: Arda Wigs "Matilda" in Natural Black

Headband & Sash: These are made out of the same material, a beautiful sapphire blue 2 way stretch double knit spandex. The patterns are all hand painted on with gold acrylic paint. The Sash has lace painted gold as trim white the headband has gold 3D trim paint to match the rest of the jewelry. 

Jewelry: The posture collar is made out of EVA foam, trimmed with Craft foam and foam clay details. The Snake collar part is also free floating foam clay. The Medallions on the necklace and earrings are modeled by FaithlessFew.

Tunic: The (very breezy, very pantless) tunic is made from an embossed white white cotton. True to Isabela fashion, the sides are completely open and only held together by a couple small leather strips. This was all an original and VERY interesting pattern to drape and draft as I went. 

Armor: Eva Foam and Brown Vinyl, all strapped with black elastic for comfort.

Corset: This is another original pattern made with Steel Boning, sturdy Brown Vinyl, and silver large grommets.

Boots: The boots I wear I unfortunately not available anymore but and while these are the right style, they are the wrong color. Any brown ankle boots will do though. The Boot covers were made with the Cling Wrap & Tape method we all know and love, it was sewn together with WHITE thread as hers has accented has a zipper going up the calf for ease of dressing. They slipped a lot throughout the day so I ended up wearing stockings and garters under the boots and attached the boots to the stockings.

Accessories: Hawke's Favor is a scrap of Burgundy Silk!

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