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Kate Denson

Dead by Daylight


Wig: The Wig is used is discontinued, but it is VERy similar to this one, I put mine is curlers and then brushed them out.

SFX Makeup: I used A Mehron Bruise Wheel and Mehron Coagulated Blood, both applied with a stippling sponge and my hands for a scratched and smeared effect. I also used some Colour Pop Potted Gel Liner in "Venus" smeared around for effect.

Tattoos: I used Colourpop's Potted Gel Liner in "Swerve" with some water and a paintbrush and freehanded all of her tattoos, from her full sleeve to her thigh piece and chest tattoo. Doing her sleeve everytime is fun since it's different every time and I can hide some game easter eggs in it!

Top: A thrifted gray tank top that I cut up and altered into her cross backed top. The pattern and design are freehanded with pearly white fabric paint. It was then weathered with red, brown, and red watered down acrylic paint since "The Entity" isn't kind to it's survivors....

Shorts: The shorts are a pair I already owned but were wearing out so I took the opportunity to trash them with a razor blade and plenty of coarse sandpaper.

Boots: I already owned a pair of Cowboy boots (because that's just the kind of person I am ahaha) but these are very similar to them!

MedKit: I repainted an old metal lunch box red and put down the necessary symbols in white acrylic, then I just went to town with dry brushing it for filth and used an airbrush for a light dusting of dirt. This was seriously one of my favorite props to make!

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Steve Cosplay by ModeratelyOkayCosplay

Photo by TheMooMooDiaries

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