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Lady Sif

Thor: The Dark World


Wig: Arda Wigs "Matilda" in Natural Black

Armor: The armor is all layered craft foam with a velcro side closure, all of it was strapped together with matching vinyl or elastic. The raised designs all over the armor are all done by hand with 3D paint!

Sewn: The under tunic is a thick faux leather, and all the trim was completely hand embroidered by hand! (Yes, it was hard, and hurt my fingers a lot ahah!) 

Chainmail: The Chainmail skirt is actually silver spray painted mesh netting to give the illusion without the weight.

Props: The props are 12 mm foam layered with patterned designs from craft foam, I then used a dremel for depth and to make it all look cohesive. The sword is Foam core board for the blade, and slots in the backside of the shield just like in the movie!

Featured photo by Chrisalcoran (Insatagram)

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