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Lunafreya Nox Flueret

Final Fantasy XV (Traveling Dress)


Wig: Arda Venus in Ash Blonde

Contacts: Geo Animation CP-A4

Accessories: The brooch and it's attachment are hand sculpted out of polymer clay, then mounted on a couple pin backs for stability. The hair pins, necklace, and ring were all already owned.

Top: The top is a hand patterned top with blocked out lace sleeves that were made from multiple thick trims of lace to give it a layered look. The trims are pearls were all hand sewn on.

Skirt: The skirt is another original pattern that was done with white spandex in two layers with a blocked lace cut out wrap around.

Belts: The belts are white vinyl backed by craft foam.

Shoes: The shoes are generic white heels bought from Payless.

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