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Overwatch, Original Concepts


Gorgeous Photos by CourtexStudios

Wig: EpicCosplay "Chronos" and Curly Clip in Natural Blonde. heavily styled

I've done a few different mercy looks that aren't canon, but were fun to wear! Both of the versions are original designs that I conceptualized and brought to life myself. The Punk Version above is my favorite, it's very out there. The Staff/Bat is made out of a plastic bat and craft foam and Yes!! The end does light up just like her staff! The Halo is made from slurpee straw, gold pray paint, headband, and lots of rhinestones. The Patches on this coat are both in english and her native language and all pertain to her in some way (voice lines, actions, references,  medical terms, etc.)

Below, this is a simple and comfy version I wanted to make when I wanted to cosplay Mercy but not break my back and feet with the wings and heels. The Coat was designed to be a fashionable lab coat, they have her iconic symbols as well as the caduceus spine on the back!The Halo is an embroidery hoop with two alligator clips wire wrapped and glued to the bottom of it that grips into the wefting of the wig to stand up nicely and give a nice floating effect. There's a little pull tab key card on the lapel with a custom mercy emblem. The Medkit was made from a a metal lunchbox as well (there was plenty of candy in it!)

lc mercy.PNG
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