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Petra Ral

Attack on Titan

Wig: Arda Wigs "Inigo" in Ginger blonde, the bangs were lightly trimmed

Coat: The coat was the biggest part of the costume, it was made out of red and grey suiting fabric and completely lined. It was heavy but flowed beautifully. the gold Wings of Counterattack patches were hand embroidered by myself. The pattern was all original and drafted by myself from memory, but has been sadly lost to time.

Shirt: An Originary White Button Up

Pants: White Stretchy Jeans, I made brown stretch thigh highs to wear over them with spandex.

Harness: I made a lot of long straps from hemmed black faux leather and strpped them as needed, tacking them into place and using the proper hardware. The Thigh and Back pads are made of gray vinyl satin stitched onto a craft foam backing to add structure.


Gear: The Thigh pipes are made out of cut PVC pipe with craft foam details, topped with Gacha containers for the rounded tops! They are threaded with black cord through the jagged extra ends of EVA foam mats to create a holster, then attached to the thigh straps.

The back canister is a liter bottle fleshed out with foam core for shape and some PVC pipe, attached with velcro.

The Guns are PVC pipe, EVA foam, foam core board, craft foam for details, and Paper mache.

Boots:  Leather Over the Knee Boots

I've done her classic look, but didn't feel the need to make it it's own page since it's the same thing except for jacket, the jacket I wore is this one: Attack on Titan Jacket, the Patches were however replaced by myself


Photo by BakePhotogatari

Photo by OmarLePhotog

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