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Pyrrha Nikos


Wig: Sadly, this costume is so old the wig isn't made anymore, but it was something like this but in bright red. The long base was twisted up, then one of the clips was applied and the twisted hair was held up by that, the length draping over the clip of volume.

Armor: All layered 2mm craft foam, with an intense amount of filigree made using 3D paint to spice up the design. T

Corset: The corset was patterned by using the method of wrapping myself in cling wrap and tape, then tracing the pattern onto that, cutting it out, and finishing the patterning on paper. It was made with steel spiral boning and matte brown vinyl and metallic gold vinyl.

Skirt: The Skirt is made from a brown 4-way stretch spandex, same as the gloves.

Leggings: The leggings are made out of flesh tone spandex and the same brown 4 way stretch spandex as the skirt to give the illusion of thigh highs while maintaining a uniform and sleek look.

Boot Covers: The boot covers were the same 4 way stretch brown spandex over an ankle boots, the boot cuffs were craft foam covered in the same material.

Sword: An original pattern made out of foam core poster board and 2mm craft foam.

Shield: an EVA foam mat was used for the base of the shield with the design dremeled into it, the straps/handles were made out of brown vinyl and D rings.


Photo by BakePhotogatari


Photo by Purple Tulips

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