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X-Men Classic


Photo by Surfside Images

Wig: The base wig has long since been discontinued, but I bought an amazon Rogue wig and then proceeded to sew 3 more wigs into it for volume and additional half wig into the white for additional volume to get the massive amount of curls and volume she has.

Bodysuit: This was patterned by me laying on the ground on the green spandex, tracing my body with added seam allowance then color blocking in the yellow with a stretch stitch. The symbol is painted on with fabric paint. There is a zipper that goes halfway down the back, hidden by the cropped jacket.

Jacket: Made out of thick brown faux leather, with a thick white fabric and batting used on the collar and cuffs to add proper depth, then the whole jacket was hand embroidered with patches and trim. Pictured here, I'm wearing the long version of her coat I made for her Bishoujo figure look, I wore it this time to pay tribute to the release of Mr. & Mrs. X!

Gloves & Boot Covers: Made out of the same material as the bodysuit! The glove fingers are however, black Yaya Han stretch vinyl to make them touch screen capable. the Top boot cuff is backed with vinyl to keep it's shape.

Belt: The belt is the same material as the jacket with the hardware made out of craft foam and 3D paint for detail. The buckle itself is thick eva foam, dremeled down to achieve the correct shape and details. Then it was covered with wood glue to have a thick, smooth layer.


Photo by NSulley

Photos by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

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