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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon, Santa Senshi Figure


Wig: Kasou "Sailor Moon" Wig, with a Ponytail Clip in Light Blonde from Arda cut in half and added to each pigtail  for volume and some wefting in the same color added to the base of the wig to help hide the nape of my neck since the cap was a bit small for me. Then the ends were curled and braided for this look in particular I also wrapped string lights in the buns!

Outfit: The entire thing was made out of cozy red fleece and patterned myself. The capelet is trimmed with white fur and some really gorgeous red, black, and gold trim. The bows are all hand tied and the gold bells sewn on, fun fact, there are over 50 bells and hand tied ribbons on this costume, it's very festive! The skirt is a circle skirt with two black petticoats underneath for extra floof.

Accessories: The little hat was made out of felt and craft foam, attached with a comb. The write cuffs were made from matching white fur and the same trim as the vest. 

Shoes: The red boots are from a thrift store, so I unfortunately don't have a link, but they were trimmed with the same fur, bows, and bells to match.


Photos by HappyTriggerLA

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