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The Hobbit


Photos by Olympian Studios


Wig: Arda Wigs "Tauriel" In Warm Light Brown, roots were dyed into this wig with dark brown ink and alcohol! The braiding was VERY intricate but very fun. The connection paints for the braids are wire wrapped intricately for elven effect.

Ears: Aradani Studios "Wood Elf" Ears in Light Fleshtone, I had a pair of gold ear cuffs I used to conceal the seam and add some flair. The ears were adhered with spirit gum.

Armor: All of it is layered craft foam distressed and painted to look like leather down to individually cut scales in the front window. The cuirass does indeed wrap all the way around and lace up in the back despite not being seen thanks to the vest.

Tunic: Made out of double knit 2 way stretch, it is long sleeved with a rolled collar, and stretches enough to be a pullover.

Riding Vest: The riding vest is the same material as the tunic, fully lined with loops in the front made out chord to lace up fully with leather cord. There are also two pouches sewn into the back of the tunic for each of her daggers to sheathe over the shoulder.

Pants: Wet Look Leggings for a leathery effect without the uncomfortable chafing 

Boots: I had a pair of Brown Leather Riding Boots already, but these are very similar

Quiver: The Quiver is a chicken wire skeleton covered in craft foam that was then covered in paper mache and model magic before being painted to look like bark and gold! It's mounted onto a leather belt to hang from the hip.

Bow & Arrows: The Bow is a heated and molded PVC pipe with Epoxy Sculpt & craft foam details. There is also beading in the grip! The arrows are wood stained dowels with red craft foam fletching, weathered to look aged, only one of them full length and tipped with a fake foam arrowhead for posing.

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