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Tohru Honda

Fruits Basket


Wig: This wig was ordered from Amazon! It was this wig in Dark Brown that I then trimmed the bangs trimmed into it! I then used a hair straightener and steamer to give it a silky and straight style. The sides are loose short braids with the hair bows on alligator slips attached! I then used a bit of dry shampoo meant for dark hair to tame the shine and hairspray to keep it smooth.

Costume: I ordered this costume online due to the widely available simplicity of the uniform and want it to be uniform! A good trick is to order the cosplay you want to fit the largest measurement on your body so you ensure it will never be too small and you will only need to take in the areas that need it! Luckily for me, this costume fit perfectly!

Shoes: The shoes are simple black loafer style flats I already owned from everyday wear and past costumes! You could use any simple brown or black flats for this cosplay.

Makeup: Tutorial coming soon!

Contacts: I can't recall where I got these lenses from, but they are strikingly similar to Kazzue Premier Brown Lens.

Props: I used a remote-controlled Remy from DisneyWorld in place of Yuki on my shoulder, haha! Not pictured, I also carry a Garfield plush in place of Kyo for laughs! 

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