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Yennefer of Vengerberg

Witcher III: Wild Hunt


Yennefer (TricksterRedux, Left), Doug Cockle, Voice of Geralt of Rivia (center), Triss (MissSarahJeanne, Right) 

Wig: This is a layered black cosplay wig I already owned and was used for my Aizawa cosplay just with some restyling!

This wig has since been updated to a Black Lacefront!

Costume: Huge shout out to MicCostumes for having such a fantastic base costume available. While I usually wear a Medium/Large in the MicCostumes sizing scale, I purchased this costume in an XL due to availability since I needed it so last minute. This costume was quite large on me and I had the wonderful help of Melissa, PenguinKnight77 (Twitter), with alterations on the riding coat.  Melissa removed the sleeves, to take them in, as well as taking in the side seams of the coat in order to get it to fit better before reattaching the sleeves.

The white shirt I wear underneath the riding coat is a vintage white button-up with black pleated trims. This piece isn't entirely accurate to what is worn in-game, but I thought it fitting of the character and it added a little bit of flair.

While this costume was a wonderful base, the accessories needed to be replaced. All fur was a bit sparse and was replaced with long pile fur from JoAnn's in order to give it a fuller and more luxurious look on the fur collar. The fur and leather armbands were also replaced to appear more streamlined. 

Necklace: The pendant was 3D modeled by Ksar on Thingiverse, printed on my Ender 3 Pro in PLA. It was finished with XTC 3D & Acrylic paints.

Shoes: The boots were a pair of over-the-knee/thigh-high suede boots that I already owned, but this pair is incredibly similar!

Contacts: I can't recall where I got these lenses from, but they are strikingly similar to Kazzue Legacy Violet Lens.

Makeup: Tutorial Coming soon!

Photos by BeardoiPhotography

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