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Yennefer of Vengerberg

The Witcher (Netflix Series, Season 3)


Wig: This is the same wig I use for Witcher 3 Yennefer, but heavily restyled with a lot of braids and plucking of the hairline!

Costume: This costume was entirely bought! It doesn't look like the website I ordered from still carries it, but it was bought from MicCostumes! It looks like the same one could be available through EZCosplay though! I only had to do minor alterations like take in the sleeves on the outer dress and take in the torso of the inner dress a good amount- funny how sizing works!

Necklace: I bought mine from BoxLunch when the show launched but similar ones can be found online. It's a gorgeous piece that has become an everyday rotating piece of my collection but I did have to glue my jump ring shut on it because the charm can slip off!

Shoes: I wear a pair of Victorian Style women's boots to complete the look! I also wear a pair of simple black opaque tights!

Makeup: Tutorial Coming soon!

Photo by YorkinaBox

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