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The Legend of Vox Machina


Wig: This is the same wig I use for Witcher 3 Yennefer, but heavily restyled.

Costume: The Base Dress is made from a pattern by CosPayton on Etsy! The corset is from Amazon since I was looking for something easy to make and wear! The accessories were all various renfaire items mixed together to pull in the look! The leggings I wear are also from Amazon in Deep Navy, they are incredibly comfy, now part of my wardrobe!

The fur shoulder is long pile white fur from Joanns styled with hairspray! It is glued over a curved craft foam base and has a magnet sewn into it to attach to the dress for ease of travel and wear!

Ears: My ears are from Aradani Studios. They are the Sun Elf Ears in the color "Light." They have been contoured and further detailed with makeup.

The Thigh and Back holsters were all made by me since I was on a tight budget and just had so much black faux leather and craft foam laying around! They are all 2mm Eva foam with Black Fake Leather from Joanns sewn over them, lined with it too for a cohesive look inside and out!

Makeup: Tutorial Coming soon!

Photo by YorkinaBox

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