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Din Djarin "The Mandalorian"

The Mandalorian

More Coming Soon!

This is still in the making!

Helmet: My helmet was origianlly a resin cast but it has since been changed to a plastic alteration due to the weight of the original being a bit too much for me! The one pictured here is the resin one, but the one I wear currently is a Jango Fett costume helmet that was stripped, sanded, and had all the seams filled before adding the second dome ring above the brow as well as the ridge over the crest of the helmet dome! 

Flightsuit & Gloves: Read all about the alteration and where I got my supplies in THIS blog post.

Cape: This is the biggest rectangular hunk of charcoal gray arctic fleece that I drape and tacked down by hand in order to get the proper shape and drapery of a full cloak while still making sure the costume is visible!

Armor: All armor shown in this current rendition of my Mandalorian is all 6mm EVA foam cut from original patterns on paper. The small accents are layered standard 2mm craft foam with the seam filled with foam clay, smoothed with water. This is all lightweight enough to be held up with an elastic & velcro system.

The Chest plate is elastic & velcro around the midsection and shoulders, the thigh armor is velcroed to the pants (sticky back to to the back of the armor & then handsewn to the fabric of the pants.) The Shoulder armor has a bit of upholstery padding & an EVA riser to give it enough height while it's attached the same way as the thigh armor.

The calf/shin armor are each one piece with there being hidden zippers glued into the back seam of the armor for ease of wear. The gauntlets both are snug enough to slip on but may be altered with magnets or a zip in the future since they are.....very snug to put on over the fabric of the costume.... 

The Mudhorn signet on the pauldron is sculpted directly ont the foam of the armor out of foam clay and smoothed with water to keep a welded and cohesive look.

Painting $ Fuinishing: Both the Helmet and the Armor were all sealed with wood glue (sanded between coats) to give it a harder surface for the gloss and chrome paint to take to! It was then given a gloss black primer before being airbrushed with 3-5 coats of "Alclad II 1oz. Bottle Chrome Lacquer for Plastic." This chrome is wonderful if you want to maintain a bit of flexibility with your armor like I wanted to on the foam! (Warning this paint can get PRICEY, I needed 4-5 bottles of this and I'm only 5'6" so I will be looking elsewhere for a paint when I don't need the flexibility with the chrome!) For the shading I just did a standard black airbrush to create dimension and charred markings with just a hint of brown splattering for burns/weathering!

Abdomen pad: This is simply a piece of 4mm EVA foam with raised details out of craft foam stacked on it before it was then covered with a stretch fabric and glue to make it look embossed!

Boots: The boots are a pair of Ecco hiking boots I picked up at a thrift store ages ago. Funny enough, they're the exact same pair I wore for my Tomb Raider 2013 Lara Croft cosplay yearssssss ago! They are worn enough by me that they give off a sense of ruggedness perfectly.

Bandolier/Belts: Coming Soon!

Gun: Coming Soon!

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